Hawk becomes first platform on the market to integrate Skyrise data into CTV offering

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Media and insights platform Hawk and audience data specialists Skyrise Intelligence are to deepen their partnership as Hawk ramps up the CTV element of its cross-channel offering.

Hawk is the only fully multi-channel demand side platform (DSP) to work in partnership with Skyrise, providing brands and agencies with access to extensive consumer insight that can be targeted across all advertising channels.  Hawk is also the only platform on the market to integrate Skyrise data into CTV buying, a move that allows it to control, shape and deliver CTV campaigns to the most relevant audiences in real-time. 

Skyrise analyses and aggregates the behaviour of more than 20 million UK adults (using data sourced exclusively from one of the UK’s major mobile operators) to provide in-depth consumer insight and audience targeting solutions.  Clients can build bespoke audiences to inform their planning and activate all media channels from a single source, without requiring  cookies or other legacy technology.

The company’s ‘Strategic Segments’ takes this one step further, enabling advertisers to focus each campaign around a key business objective, such as tapping into growth trends, evaluating the audience landscape to tap into the competition, defending their market share and developing into new markets.

The new integration with Skyrise provides Hawk Platform users with the tools to plan and deliver efficient CTV campaigns on a cross-channel basis for the first time (in addition to the standalone option), maximising the target audience that sees an ad and minimising wastage. Combined with Hawk’s extensive CTV supply, it enables marketers to leverage the rapidly evolving CTV channel and complement traditional linear TV advertising strategies.

Hawk users can also benefit from the platform’s cross-channel capabilities that, as well as CTV, allow clients to plan, activate and manage advertising campaigns across mobile, digital audio, digital out-of-home (DOOH), in-game advertising and the metaverse.  The platform’s media measurement and insights technology enables meaningful and actionable insights to be extracted from all channels and used to enhance the effectiveness of future activity.

Shanil Chande, UK commercial director at Hawk Platform, says:

“Brands are increasingly recognising the importance of CTV as an advertising channel.  Skyrise data informs us on where to deploy CTV buying – whether that is on a standalone basis, or as part of a cross-channel campaign – to make sure advertising delivers ROI.  The data is dynamic and extensive; sustainable and crucially from a single source, rather than the multiple ones that have been historically necessary due to the structure of the market. These factors add up to make it particularly powerful.”

Ben Wilkins, director at Skyrise Intelligence, says:

“Hawk is an impressive technology platform; the team also recognises that to deliver as it does, robust and accurate data is essential.  Our collaboration focuses on how we can put campaigns from Hawk’s clients in front of the right audiences at the right time, both on CTV and other channels.”

Headquartered in Paris and with offices across Europe and in the US, Hawk Platform is a proprietary platform that enables advertisers to execute multi-channel strategies across mobile, digital audio, digital out-of-home (DOOH), connected TV (CTV), in-game advertising and the metaverse.

Launched in 2013, and originally built for mobile, Hawk now enables bespoke, omni-channel end-to-end strategies for each advertiser and campaign using four key components – Data, Location, Channel, and Creative – ensuring that the most relevant users are reached in the most appropriate locations with the most engaging formats regardless of the media they are consuming.  Using these core components allows Hawk to create strategies that transcend formerly siloed media environments and drive greater efficiencies in the process. Hawk can also attribute the effectiveness of these strategies; its In-Store Impact product tracks footfall uplift to stores while its in-built brand survey tool shows the impact of advertising campaigns.

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