CJ Works came up with Swopbox to help curving e-waste

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E-waste is the world’s fastest-growing waste. There are up to 50 million metric tons in recent years and keep increasing. When we buy something new, the old one instantly becomes a second-hand gadget. As years go by, it then turns into e-waste left unknowingly at home. Thus, this issue is getting more crucial year on year.

One of the solutions is to make electronics last as long as they once did. This is why CJ Worx created “SwopBox”, a parcel designed to be used twice to instantly prevent second-hand gadgets from turning into e-waste.

To collaborate with Swopmart, Thailand’s online marketplace for second-hand gadgets desiring to help extend the lifespan of electronic goods.

With simple use, once the SwopBox, which contains a new IT gadget from the participated IT retailers, arrives to consumers, they can turn the parcel box inside out and put their pre-loved IT item in and send it back to Swopmart for selling easily.