Optable opens the door to frictionless data collaboration with integration of netID 

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Optable, a SaaS data collaboration platform and clean room solution for the advertising ecosystem, today announces its support of netID, the largest Single Sign-On (SSO) provider in Germany, as a matchable identifier. 

The European netID Foundation was established in March 2018 with the goal of creating a European single sign-on solution across all industries and internet services. With netID Privacy Centre, users can manage their consent for multiple internet services transparently and in compliance with European data protection regulations. 

With this announcement, Optable clients which also support netID can now take advantage of the following functionality:

  • Include netID as part of their private identity graph within their Optable Data Collaboration Node.
  • Open secure, purpose-limited clean rooms which use netID as the match key between partners. 
  • Activate ad and marketing programs using netID.

This is an exciting announcement for Optable clients and prospects in the 

region and will enable reach of close to 38 million users in Germany and more than 2 million in Austria. 

“Our mission is to connect the world’s audience data securely,” says Vlad Stesin, Optable’s Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder. “As the use of data clean rooms ramps up across the ecosystem, establishing the principle of easy-to-use online platforms on which companies can safely connect data without violating user privacy, the principles of interoperability and frictionless collaboration remain embedded within our product.”

“Optable continues in its mission to securely connect the world’s audience data by enhancing secure collaboration between advertisers and publishers. With this development, it is further removing barriers to entry – making the data clean room approach to collaboration easier and more efficient for the entire advertising ecosystem. Ultimately, we seek to make it as easy as possible for our customers to collaborate,” adds James Prudhomme, CRO.

“To solve the addressability challenge, data clean rooms and ID providers should  work together. Net ID and Optable are both focused on shaping an online marketing world without third-party cookies and now Optable customers can seamlessly integrate netID into their private identity graph; enabling data sovereignty and reducing dependence on the large walled gardens. This is great news for netID customers and even better news for the open web,” comments Jörn Strehlau, CEO of the European NetID Foundation.

Optable enables safe, secure and privacy-preserving audience analysis as well as robust, direct activation capabilities. Its user experience is designed for ad operations, media planners and marketers through a simple user interface.