Doctolib pays tribute to caregivers in a movie signed by Ogilvy Paris

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In line with its mission to work for a healthier world, Doctolib, offering online appointment bookings for the public to a wide variety of medical services, aims to improve the daily lives of caregivers by developing new generation services that facilitate their daily lives and save them time. To demonstrate its commitment to caregivers, Doctolib wanted to pay tribute to them in a film conceived by Ogilvy Paris and directed by Sidney van Wichelen (Plavers Paris), entitled “Soigner, c’est bien plus qu’un métier” (“Caring, It’s Much More Than a Job.”

Doctolib wants to highlight the complexity and richness of the work of those who, every day, do more than their job: they are general practitioners, physical therapists, dentists, and they also sometimes improvise as babysitters, coaches, … All of this with one goal in mind: to care with humanity. This continuous engagement requires time. Because caring is much more than a job, the ambition of Doctolib is to help professionals by freeing up their time and simplifying their daily lives for the benefit of patients.

The film takes a tender look at the relationship between health professionals and patients. It presents a series of scenes in which each caregiver goes beyond his or her primary function to better care for the patient. The music “Open Arms” by November Ultra conveys the sensitivity of this relationship.

With the aim of being both realistic and credible, Doctolib co-constructed this film with its medical committee and called on health professionals and patients to share their experiences. This was the case of the mother with her baby, the physical therapist who pushes his patient’s wheelchair in life, or the young girl in the hospital. They share their experiences with us in all sincerity and are part of the characters in this film.

For Elise Bert-Leduc, a member of Doctolib’s executive committee: “Year after year, Doctolib has managed to find its place at the heart of patients’ habits. The French are familiar with our services and appreciate their usefulness daily, but few are aware of our role with healthcare providers, which is our primary reason for being.

“We are very happy and proud to be accompanying one of the most beautiful, useful, ambitious, deeply humble and human French companies. We wanted to offer them a campaign that reflects all these values,” says Matthieu Elkaim, President and Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Paris.



CEO & Co-Founder: Stanislas Niox-Château

Marketing Director: Maxime Schmidt

Marketing BtoC France: Marie DeVibraye


Presidents: Matthieu Elkaim, Mathieu Plassard

Chief Creative Officer: Matthieu Elkaim

Creative Director: Benjamin Bregeault

Business Partner: Thibault Loué

Account Manager: Grégoire Bazin

Account Executive: Laure Flebus

Art Director: Clémentine Guillope

Copywriters: Noémie Triau, Grégoire Peronne

TV Producer: Aurelie Appert

Sound Production: H&0

Director: Sidney Van Wichelen

Production Company: Players Paris

Producer: Stéphane Martin

Director of Production: Charlotte Telenne

Postproduction: Firm