Remote Butler, app developed to make waiters available anytime, anywhere

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,,Remote Butler” is an application developed by an IT company in Cluj Napoca – Remote Butler SRL – which allows registered waiters to practice their profession, regardless of their location. Over 600 waiters eager to work remotely have signed up just 4 months after the idea was launched on the Romanian market. The application will be 100% functional from the beginning of next year.

As a result of the post-pandemic context, an increasing number of managers or restaurant owners have integrated digital solutions into managing orders from customers. Scanning the QR code is a commonly used solution in restaurants, but there are also different alternatives for viewing the menu and placing orders. QR code is a simple variant to use, but it completely removes the experience with a human factor.

In the HoReCa industry, services constitute 50% of tourists’ experiences. In other words, not just the taste, smell, and the way a culinary dish looks are relevant for a customer’s well-being, but also the way they are received by the restaurant staff. Restaurants benefit significantly when a smiling waiter can make suggestions to customers based on the dishes ordered.

How does ,,Remote Butler” work for waiters?

,,Remote Butler” is a platform that allows waiters registered in this network to offer remote services, and in return for their services, they receive a commission from the total bill for each customer whose order they have taken. Registration on this platform is free: Butler.Expert.

The use of the platform by waiters is also free.

Traditionally, restaurant waiters begin serving a customer when they bring the menu to the table, then continue with noting the order and placing it towards the bar and kitchen. The waiter’s services conclude with bringing the order to the customer’s table and collecting the equivalent value for the dishes and beverages ordered by the restaurant guest.

If a restaurant chooses to collaborate with ,,Remote Butler” and benefit from the services of professional waiters who have registered on this platform, it will have to pay the platform administrator a commission from the value of the bill. In other words, registration in this network is also free for restaurants, and costs will be incurred based on needs (only when the services of a remote waiter are used).

In practice, the activity of the remote waiter involves all the interaction with the customer that a classic waiter normally has, the only exception being that the restaurant’s employed waiters will have to bring the order to the customers’ table.

,,Remote Butler” is an inclusive solution for waiters with mobility impairments; a new opportunity for additional earnings for waiters who already have a full-time job and even an alternative to the classic job; a way to have a flexible job, where professional waiters are appreciated and respected by the restaurant management. ,,Remote Butler” is one of the most attractive job opportunities for waiters. They can offer services to restaurants in other cities, not being limited by geographical barriers.

Why is ,,Remote Butler”a solution for optimizing human resource costs for restaurants?

,,Remote Butler” ensures the reduction of personnel costs in restaurants. Restaurants only have a higher guest flow at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week. Therefore, it is not necessary for a restaurant to employ 6 waiters instead of 3, with 3 of them being active for only 4 hours of the schedule. It is enough to have

3 waiters, and when the restaurant has a lot of customers, the restaurant’s customers can place an order through a remote waiter. In other words, payment for waiters is made only when their services are used.

“The waiters in our network are experienced professionals, verified and trained. Most are speakers of foreign languages and have considerable experience in top restaurants abroad. The waiters in our team can take orders from international guests in their native language. We are the only player in the country and in the world that offers this facility to restaurants. Moreover, through strategic partnerships, our waiters will benefit from advanced training courses to help them continuously develop and keep up with the new market requirements. We will have courses on wine serving methods, as well as courses on etiquette and manners,” stated Ciprian Costea, founder of ,,Remote Butler”.

The features of the application have been designed after a need in the market was identified. Romania is going through one of the biggest labor market crises, and the HoReCa industry is at the top of the affected industries.

The application has already been tested in several restaurants in the country and has enjoyed real success. Following the positive response from waiters and restaurants, and also because it is the only application of its kind in the world, ,,Remote Butler” aims for global expansion. The fact that it is a revolutionary application – designed for restaurants, waiters, and restaurant customers – is also attested by the invitation received by the Remote Butler SRL company to participate in a competition dedicated to start-ups. The developer of ,,Remote Butler” will participate on November 13, 2023, at the Web Summit, which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal. Web Summit is one of the largest and most important events in the world dedicated to technology and innovation.

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