DDB and Tribal Celebrate McDonald’s Tasty Stories with 100th Restaurant Opening

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The authentic moments lived together create unforgettable stories that the new McDonald’s campaign, signed by DDB Romania and Tribal Worldwide Romania, shows perhaps more beautifully than ever.

#Meniul100 or, more precisely, the Big Mac menu for 10 lei that made a sensation in many McDonald’s restaurants and on the Drive Thru lines is probably not foreign to many Romanians. But the promotion was just one of the brand’s invitations to fans to celebrate the 100 restaurants opened in Romania. The rest is history.

If we look at the Instagram pictures in which McDonald’s is tagged, we realize one valuable thing, which is that it is one of the few brands that enjoys the privilege of being part of so many moments in people’s lives.

“Probably each of us has a story at Mec. The fact that we celebrated an exam passed, that we consoled ourselves after a failed one, or that the bride who disappeared in the middle of the night from the wedding we were invited to was found behind a menu at Mec, we all know that a burger is not just a simple burger when it comes to McDonald’s. For 100 restaurants, we set out to pay tribute to all these stories that the brand has witnessed over time,” said Alexandra Jitărel, Senior Copywriter DDB Romania.

Moreover, as a reward for the loyalty of customers and fans, the brand proposed itself to make its consumers part of the story it is telling further by inviting them to be part of the holiday billboards. Thus, fans had the opportunity to enter the Mec universe, photographing themselves in the first walk-in billboards that brought to the forefront stories from McDonald’s history.

“It is a privilege and a joy to open the 100th restaurant in Romania. It is the crowning of a brand success story in our market, a story we have built primarily thanks to our consumers. There are 100 restaurants multiplied by thousands and thousands of stories we witnessed, in which we rejoiced, cried, laughed, celebrated, consoled, whetted appetite, surprised. We are grateful to have been part of our customers’ stories all these years. We look back with pride and, in the future, with confidence that we will continue to be part of their lives”, said Irina Angelescu, Marketing Director of Premier Restaurants Romania (McDonald’s).

As a natural continuation of the other executions, in the online environment, the representatives of the Tribal Worldwide Romania agency collected the most emotional, funny and memorable stories from Mec in three Reels posted on McDonald’s Romania Instagram, and marked the opening day with a special moment in Digital.

“I think we all grew up with Mec in one way or another, so this campaign was more than just an iconic opening of the 100th restaurant – it was also an emotional throwback moment where we could all find each other. With the help of Ionuț Bodonea in the role of MC, we managed to gather memories from the place where MecLegenda started, McDonald’s Unirii, the first restaurant opened in Romania, only to arrive live in Drobeta Turnu Severin, where we prepared for the fans a spectacular drone show that marked the opening day,” said Irina Blanșek, Senior Copywriter Tribal Worldwide Romania.

In the continuation of the broadcast, the influencers who came to inaugurate the restaurant also told their stories, Ionuț having the great pleasure of interviewing… even the biggest fan of the opening of the restaurant in Drobeta Turnu Severin!

From the first McDonald’s restaurant in Romania, opened in 1995, until now, from nostalgia to technology, McDonald’s stories continue to live through each of us.

The teams that contributed to the campaign are:

DDB Romania:

Executive Creative Director: Roxana Niță

Senior Art Director: Andra Vlăsceanu

Senior Copywriter: Alexandra Jitărel

Strategy Director: Ioana Dobrinescu

Account Director: Georgiana Rotaru

Account Manager: Carmen Răduță

Tribal Worldwide Romania:

General Manager: Simina Dima

Account Manager: Cristina Onica

Digital Account Executive: Ninelly Popovici

Social Media Director: Luana Roman

Social Media Manager: Emilian Urucu

Senior Copywriter: Irina Blanșek

Senior Art Director: Cezar Iliescu

Premier Restaurants Romania (McDonald’s):

Marketing Director: Irina Angelescu

Marketing Manager: Lucia Rudaci

Digital Marketing Manager: Cosmina Ţapliuc

Communications Manager: Elena Goți

Communications Coordinator: Cătălina Popescu

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