Marina Constanda becomes Head of Strategy at Golin Romania

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Starting May, Marina Constanda becomes Head of Strategy at Golin Romania, one of the leading public relations agencies in the local market. In her new role, Marina will contribute to developing communication strategies for key projects of the agency’s clients, both existing and prospective clients, and will pinpoint opportunities to enhance Golin’s local product offerings and business expansion.

Marina will work closely with the interdisciplinary team at Path, the Lowe Group unit specializing in data analysis and interpretation. Together, they will leverage the suite of local and international tools and data sources available across the group agency network. Data interpretation will be integrated into effective strategies that pursue positioning or development objectives of brands and businesses, employer branding campaigns, market analysis, consumer trends and segments, issue mapping, and crisis communication.

“I was impressed by a passage from a TedTalk I saw a while ago: «Diversity is not just about people, but also what happens within a person, including the diversity of emotions». And I decoded it through a triple lens. First, I was glad to realize we live in times where diversity is a major concern for people. Then, I realized that beyond the philosophy about human nature, we have an insight into consumer behaviors which can be varied and even contradictory, and it’s okay for them to be so. Last but not least, I find a direct correspondence with how brands and companies operate, which simultaneously have vareid needs, in relation to different stakeholders, including their own structures. At the intersection of these three, I believe we also find the role of strategy in what communication means in 2024: our job is to identify tensions, insights and relevant territories, to address the specific needs of consumers, in line with our partners’ development objectives. Through precision – data, and through courage – creativity”, said Marina Constanda, Head of Strategy, Golin Romania.

With over 12 years of experience in communication and PR, Marina has contributed to the strategic development of brands in various fields such as FMCG, retail, HoReCa, beauty, pharma, IT, banking & financial services, for B2C, B2B and B2B2C models, as well as for public affairs projects or those developed with the non-governmental sector. In recent years, she has coordinated multidisciplinary PR, social media, creative and data analysis teams that have shaped campaigns with results, nominated or awarded at prestigious festivals in the local and regional industry, such as SABRE EMEA, European Excellence Awards, Internetics, Webstock, CSR Awards, Romania PR Award or COMMA.

“I am delighted to know that Marina will be part of the agency’s most important projects, as she is a professional with diverse expertise who has made a remarkable contribution to the development of Golin’s business and its clients. Always seeking the best solutions that meet the needs of both clients and the consumers, I am confident she will continue with the same perseverance to develop projects, ideas, thoughts that will elevate the agency”, said Cristina Butunoi, Executive Director, Golin Romania.

Marina joined the Golin team in 2017 and is currently a member of the Golin Advisory Committee (GAC), a recently established consultancy structure within the agency focused on product innovation and business development.

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