THE DROP signs anti-drug campaign dedicated to young people for BEACH, PLEASE! festival

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BEACH, PLEASE! festival and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, through the National Anti-Drug Agency (ANA), are launching an anti-drug campaign dedicated to young people, signed by THE DROP.

Now on its third edition, “BEACH, PLEASE!” primarily targets Generation Z and is the largest urban festival in Southeastern Europe, expecting over 120,000 attendees over the five-day event this year.

The organizers, along with their partners, have found a fresh and relevant way to draw young people’s attention to the dangers of drug use, through an anti-drug campaign that will unfold in two phases: before and during the festival, using a mix of media – digital, OOH, radio, and festival platforms.

“We created a campaign in the language of my generation, after a long period where information was conveyed through impersonal, rigid campaigns whose messages were ridiculed and ineffective. Given that ‘BEACH, PLEASE!’ is the largest festival dedicated to young people, with an online platform of over 1.5 million followers, mostly between 15-30 years old, we consider it our duty to use our creative resources and immense reach to launch the first cool and effective anti-drug campaign in Romania. We thank our partners from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Anti-Drug Agency for their openness and support in disseminating this campaign both online and offline,” says Andrei Șelaru (Selly), co-founder of the festival and initiator of the campaign.

In a 2024 where current statistics are alarming – such as 94% of drugs on the market being adulterated with substances of unknown origin – the need for a comprehensive campaign is greater than ever.

“Drugs are everywhere, both in real life and online, and can affect anyone, regardless of age or social status. Most often, they are synthetic substances created in laboratories that can cause addiction from the first dose. Through this campaign, we want the correct information to reach Generation Z, so that young people can make healthy decisions. We are pleased to see that the organizers are concerned about the safety of participants and remind everyone that the most beautiful memories are the ones you can remember the next day and share with loved ones,” says Chief Commissioner of Police Ramona Dabija, director of the National Anti-Drug Agency.

To combat this phenomenon, security investments for this year’s BEACH, PLEASE! edition have increased significantly, reaching 500,000 euros. Over 500 agents will ensure security at the festival, and participants will undergo rigorous checks at the entrance and, if necessary, during the festival.

“We have a saying: IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW! We wanted to assure festival-goers that we also know if prohibited substances reach the festival. As in previous years, we are investing massively in the safety of those present and have increased the number of security agents. We have a complex collaboration with all structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, providing them with all the resources they need to do their job as well as possible in the interest of festival-goers’ safety, and the National Anti-Drug Agency will send its representatives to the festival. Those who want to learn more can do so on-site at ANA’s partners’ tent, as well as on social media,” adds Andrei Șelaru (Selly), co-founder of the festival and initiator of the campaign.

“From the first time we discussed the brief, we realized that the last thing we wanted to do was another ‘SAY NO TO DRUGS’ campaign. It’s 2024 – we all know drugs are bad and why. Instead of alarming approaches, we chose to communicate from a new and bold angle, one that will spark reactions and has the potential to really change something. Moving away from truisms, it’s one of the most important conversations we could have around Romania’s largest festival, which targets Gen Z,” said representatives of THE DROP, Flavia Ionescu (Head of Business) and Mihai Titirig (Creative Director).

“BEACH, PLEASE!” is in its third edition. Over 120,000 people are expected over the five festival days. With more than 200 artists, both Romanian and international, on the stage in Costinești, the festival promises to be an unforgettable event, with a particular emphasis on the safety and well-being of participants. So far, past editions have not recorded any incidents, and the organizers are determined to maintain this high standard this year.

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