DRUID integrates ChatGPT in a solution developed in co-op with Romanian BVB

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DRUID, leading company in the field of conversational AI, launched together with Romanian BVB (Bucharest Stock Exchange) the first version of the virtual Q, digital solution based on AI aiming to answer the questions of those interested to find out more on capital market and stock exchange investments.

Q virtual assistant can be accessed from Stock Exchange’s website, is available only in Romanian and can, at the moment, answer to most frequent asked questions about the listed companies and BVB. The AI assistant is learning progressively, so the users are encouraged to ask as many questions so the AI can understand what the needs are at informational level.

Adrian Tanase, General Manager Bucharest Stock Exchange:

We are continuing the digital efforts to answer the needs of the local investors community, in a world in which the fast access to information is absolutely essential. We are aiming, with this first version of the digital solution Q, to make notions about investments and market more accessible and easy to understand. Q’s launch is a new effort aimed to those preoccupied by the financial education who want to learn more about the alternatives of managing savings.

Cooperation between BVB and DRUID represents a new stage of the process to digitize the interaction with investors, started already at the level of the local capital market. Q represents a smart synthesis between DRUID’s NPL technology and abilities to understand the language offered by the integration with ChatGPT via Microsoft Azure.

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