Ciprian Stavar left New Media and The Group

Creativity, Digital & Media

Ciprian Stavar left New Media and The Group, also giving up on its shares within the agency, with his shares going to Alin Zainescu.

Stavar is leaving as he decided to move to Sibiu and to handle different business than the ones until now.

Although there were rumors that Stavar is leaving after The Group and Vlad Stan started Navidoo, informed sources qualified the rumors as “bullshit” and denied any link between the events. Also, according to the same source, New Media and Navidoo will be 2 separate entities within The Group, each with its own mission and activities.

On Manafu‘s blog, Stavar made a statement: “It is true, from March 1st. It is an older intention (since autumn), but I wanted to end some projects I was involved so that, as you could find out also based on numbers, New Media and The Group to end the year on a leading position from an interactive media point of view”

Ciprian Stavar and Vlad Stan worked together for Vodanet. Vlad Stan founded that company and lead it as General Manager until December, when he decided to give up the active leadership and keep his quality as shareholder.

Ciprian Stavar woked for Vodanet between 2005-2006, as Interactive Media Director and, afterwards, as Media, Marketing & Communication Director.