Leo Youth II: Romanian youth – old fashioned, calculated ambition, confused pessimists, opportunistic and rebels

Marketing, Studies

Old fashioned young people, ambitious and calculate, confused pessimists, opportunistic people and rebels are the categories of young people in Romania, according to the 2nd part of Leo Youth study, made by Leo Burnett and D & D Research.

Leo Youth II, 2nd part of the study made by the advertising agency, describes the dominant trends that separates Romania’s youth different categories. This study is a follow-up of Leo Youth, that presented the common characteristics of Romanian youth.

The 1st part of LeoYouth, with results made public in May 2007, tried to make a portrait of young generation in which to reflect the attitudes towards money, clothes, tech and gadgets, advertising, brands and health.

Leo Youth II is a lifestyle study, that generates profiles defined by different lifestyles and consumption patterns. The 5 defined profiles are: “old fashioned” (29.7%), calculated ambitions young people (19.2%), confused pessimist (17.2%), opportunist young people (15.8%) and neighborhood rebels (17.9%).