Excellency prizes from IAA Romania


IAA  Romania organized IAA Gala, that also included the 1st edition of IAA Excellence Awards. The short Gala was hosted by Ioan T.Morar.

The 12 prizes was awarded to the following personalities:

Romanian director  Cristian Mungiu – “the person that gave us the biggest emotions during last year” – for the awards taken with “4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days” and its nomination to Oscars

Adrian Sarbu, CME operational director – “the undisputed leader of Romanian TV, with his capacity to develop media brands nationally and internationallyliderului incontestabil al televiziunii din România prin capacitatea de a dezvolta branduri media puternice în ţară şi peste hotare”

Cătălin Tolontan, editor in chief of Gazeta Sporturilor – “one of the most vertical and more talented journalists that decided to enter blogosphere, showing that this can be the place for aggregated opinion

Mihai Ghyka, General Manager InBev Romania and former IAA president – “1st blue blood Romanian marketeer, with tricolor influences

Elena Ioniţă, Senior Strategic Planner Leo Burnett – for APG Creative Strategy Awards Silver, obtained with Wash&Go campaign

Corina Bernschutz (Innovation director Starcom) – Alexandru Pomana (Creative Planner Starcom) for  the 1st Lions in Cannes with “1 of 8 women” campaign”, for Avon

Costin Popescu, Creative Director Cap and founder Zebra – because he “represents a measure of authenticity in plural” and “manages to keep his agency in a performance zone, both creatively but also financially and from a management point of view”

Costas Kapetanopoulos, Marketing & Communications Director Cosmote – for the empathy lesson for companies represented by Cosmote’s donations program targeting people with hearing defficiency

Roxana Popa, Brand Manager P&G, for the European success, at Euro Effie, of “Tide for super-mums” program.

Jose Toscano, General Manager Millenium Bank and former adviser of Portuguese Finance Minister – for Millenium Tree, that attracted over 70,000 Bucharest inhabitants during winter holidays

Cristian Mucichescu, Executive Director OMD Romania

Mihai Botarel – because, at 24 years old, has aleady in his portfolio a Cannes lion for creative

Alexandra Gatej, president Unilever for Central and Southern Europe

Moreover, 3 other personalities were saluted during IAA Excellence, even if they are no longer between us: Ralu Filip, former president Romanian Audiovisual Council, Dan Moldovan (Pilu), Creative Director Propaganda, and Petrica Pavel – photographer.