UPC Romania, Three Subsidiaries To Merge By Absorption


Telecoms operator UPC Romania and three of the companies it controls, namely Electron M. Bit Telecom, Sebmar and Cablevision of Romania (CVR), will merge on October 1 in a move to simplify managing proceedings and cut administration costs.

As Mediafax says, UPC Romania, subsidiary of Dutch UPC Holding, had over 1.66 million subscribers in March 2008.

Since its establishment 16 years ago, UPC Romania carried out investments exceeding EUR700 million.

The company plans to invest EUR40 million in 2008 to upgrade its network on the Romanian territory and to expand its digital cable TV service, UPC Romania’s general manager Jack Mikaloff said. In 2007, UPC Romania carried out investments totaling EUR45 million.

The company’s main rivals in Romania are RCS&RDS and the country’s largest fixed telephony provider RomTelecom.