Anti-drug Campaign Unfolded In Romanian Seaside Resort Vama Veche

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A campaign for the reduction of risks associated with drug consumption was launched, Monday, in Romanian seaside resort Vama Veche, and it will unfold until mid-August, according to Mediafax

The coordinator of the Constanta Center for Anti-drug Prevention, Evaluation and Guidance, commissary Sorin Petrescu, said in a press conference that this project, called “Open your eyes! No extra risks!” aims to cut the risks associated with drug consumption (marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, heroin) among the youths in Vama Veche through the supply of adequate information, as well as the promotion of existing services for the treatment of drug addictions.

The campaign consists of information and awareness campaigns targeting the risks associated with the consumption of drugs (hepatitis, HIV-AIDS, overdosing).