DO 60 Ogilvy


Meaning Ogilvy celebrated 60 years since it was founded by David Ogilvy.

This occasion was celebrated by Ogilvy Group România with a reunion that hosted the screening of a BBC documentary centered on life and career of David Ogilvy and about agency’s start and evolution. The event was at Rooms, in a cozy atmosphere.

Back to the event, Manuela Necula introduced and spoke a bit about the people who mean, today, Ogilvy in Romania. Among others, I know now that they have a financial director that isn’t like other accounting people and a HR Director that is a DJ and a snowboard fan in her spare time. They also have Dani, Alina, Albert, Ioana, Cristina, Irina, Adrian, Gina and many others that, together, mean Ogilvy here, in Romania.

All in all, it was a very nice event. And yes, I liked it.