Romanians in 30 years from now

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I received a very interesting survey from Reader’s Digest about what Romanians think that will happen in the future.

Most of them (51%) think, in 30 years from now on, Romania will turn into a retirement home, after all young people would migrate to richer foreign countries, while 42% are of opposite opinion and the rest say they don’t know. On the other hand, also half of the respondents (51%) believe that Romanians that migrated to foreign countries will come back home.

76% of Romanians don’t think, in 30 years, everybody will live in overcrowded cities and neither that the countryside will disappear. Also, the majority (60%) think that not even in 30 years the food won’t be replaced by nutritive supplements.

Romanians think that, even in 30 years from now on, the political corruption will still be around, as 73% of them are saying, while an equal number of respondents think / don’t think that, in the future, there will be only private pensions and medical insurances.

43% believe that the transportation will use alternative combustibles in the future, while 33% are of opposite opinion and 24% don’t know.

Despite the continuous development of the internet, 56% say that they won’t work from home in 30 years, although 27% say that will happen. More than half of the respondents (51%) aren’t very optimistic when is about working in modern offices, although 33% are keeping their faith that the future will bring them open space offices in big corporations.

No matter what happens, 51% of the survey’s respondents are saying that Romanians will continue going to the Church, 39% being on opposite opinion.

When is about kids, 30% say that many Romanians will become parents after 40’s, while 48% say that will happen earlier. About children’s education, 63% don’t think in 30 years the kids will learn at home, online, but 21% think that.

Although they don’t think kids would stay home to learn online, 55% of Romanians think their kids will know to read and use the computer starting the age of three.

The relations between people will change, according to survey’s respondents, 54% saying that couples won’t get marries anymore, preferring a free partnership, 45% thinking that, at that time, people will find their soul mates over internet.

Also in 30 years from now on, 44% think that most of Romanians will be too preoccupied to have friends, 50% being convinced that, till than, there will be cures for all types of cancer.

Smoking forbidden by law is the option 42% of the respondents think is possible by then, while 46% have an opposite opinion.

56% think that not even in 30 years Romanians won’t be active once they turn 70 and an equal number think people will continue not to care about others or help them.

The study, initiated by Reader’s Digest, was made by IMAS, during June, on 1,246 respondents. The study will be published in October’s edition of Reader’s Digest.