Many Romanian rich have marcomm and media businesses

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The Romanian rich rankings, made by Adevarul, was published and includes a big number of personalities with businesses in media, advertising and communication sectors.

Among those, there are:

  1. Dinu Patriciu – 1st position in Top, owner of Adevarul Holding
  2. Sorin Ovidiu Vantu – owner of Realitatea-Catavencu trust, Insomar market research company, Ziua publishing house, Guerilla radio and Monopoly Media
  3. Veronica Dragan – owner of Renasterea banateana and Redesteptarea, radio Nova FM Lugoj and FedPrint Bucureşti and Lugoj printing houses
  4. Bobby & Razvan Paunescu – owners of Mandagora Movies, B1TV and a press trust in partnership with EMI AG
  5. Voiculescu family – owners of Intact trust, Media Sport Group, Intact publishing house and Convergent Media, publisher of GSP
  6. Dan Grigore Adamescu – owner of 50% from the company that publishes Romania Libera
  7. Cristian Burci – founder, in Romania, of advertising agency Graffiti and of Prima TV, Kiss FM and Star FM
  8. Micula brothers – owners of National Media Center, that includes National TV, N24, National FM, Favorit TV and Realitatea Romaneasca
  9. Negoita brothers – owners of Ring free daily and that intend to launch a TV station with same name
  10. Radu Octavian – owner RTC, Diverta stores
  11. Adrian Sarbu – CME
  12. Sechelariu family – Letea paper factory, Desteptarea SA – publisher of a local weekly
  13. Ratiu family – owner of RH Properties, RH Press and Publishing, RH Printing and Landmark Management
  14. Silviu Prigoana – shareholder Etno TV and Taraf TV, former owner of Max TV and Tele Sport
  15. Anca Vlad – shareholder Senso TV
  16. Adrian Butuca –  owner Polirom & Cartea Veche printing houses, shareholder Radio Hit and Positive Services
  17. Iulian Tocu – TeleM and Media Serv
  18. Marius Locic – Locic Media Holding (owner of Atac, Interesul Public and Goool Sport)
  19. Elan Schwartzenberg – 1st million from ad production
  20. Valeriu Lazarov – production houses: PrimeTime World Broadcast, Sagitarius, La Dolce Vita and Dream Production
  21. Sorin Penes – owner Megapress
  22. Dan Diaconescu – OTV
  23. Vlad Paunescu – founder Castel Film, shareholder Dada Design
  24. Radu Florescu – general manager Saatchi&Saatchi, involved in the launch of 4 BBC channels in Romania (Entertainment,Lifestyle, Knowledge & Cbeebies)
  25. Zoltan Kovacs – Agenda press trust, publisher of homonym newspaper, owner Europa Advertising, West Tipo International printing house and Mediatim distribution agency
  26. Stefan & Ioana Iordache – founders Target, that became afterwards Leo Burnett & Target.
  27. Veronica Savanciuc – president Lowe Romania group
  28. Dragos Grigoriu – president Tempo Advertising
  29. Mihai Craiu – shareholder Saptamana Financiara and main shareholder Media Consulta International
  30. Paul Gontea – owner of Amco, Amco Prod & Amco Advertising, ad production companies
  31. Ion Mihai Dumitrescu – Minisat and Image Group
  32. Mihaela Rus – Vitrina Advertising