SATI, chosen by the big Romanian media groups

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According to a press release dated Monday, “the media groups and companies Gazeta Online, Intact Media Grup, Internet Corp, MediaPRO Interactiv, ProTV SA and Realitatea-Caţavencu announce that they agreed, on a common decision, to use, in relation to the public, clients and advertising agencies, only the online traffic data available from the official online traffic measuring system SATI (Online Audience and Traffic Study), from BRAT (Romanian Bureau for Circulation Audit). This initiative is supported also by Ringier Romania, that will make a decision regarding the way it will implement it.

This way, SATI will became the official way to measure the traffic performances of all the webpages published by the companies and groups that reached to this decision, which will abandon, starting Monday, the use and the official references to other systems of online traffic measuring

Orlando published the full press release text

Later: announced that respects the media groups decision to reorientate towards SATI for online audience data, according to their respective business strategies, and appreciates the relation it had with the publishers during the last years. says that respects publishers’ decision of abandoning its audience measuring system available for all internet users in Romania. appreciates that the decision to abandon its services wasn’t a surprise, but that will continue to analyze very attentively all the motivations behind this decision

Besides that, the representatives of are saying that they remain open to a possible publishers’ comeback to its services.