CNN To Feature Romania In “Autumn Of Change” Series


American TV network CNN will produce several reports in Romania this year, as part of the series “Autumn of Change” on former Communist countries 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, PR firm Links Associates said in a statement Thursday (May 14th).

For one week, the series “Autumn of Change” will feature accounts on the Revolution of 1989 and the changes in the last two decades. Richard Quest, Christiane Amanpour and Becky Anderson, representative journalists for CNN, will be in Romania to interview participants in the events, young people born after 1989 and Romanian public figures.

A CNN team was in Bucharest in late April, meeting with central authority officials and celebrities, to establish preliminary contact for “Autumn of Change.”

In order to promote its editorial and advertising, marketing and PR activities, CNN Global Networks is working in Romania with Links Associates, a strategic communications, PR and lobby company founded by Corina Vintan, formerly the National Defense Ministry spokesperson.

Via Mediafax