Wordcamp, 1st edition in Bucharest

Digital & Media, ITC, Media

1st edition of Wordcamp will take place in Bucharest, on September 16-17, and promises sessions such as “WordPress for Bloggers” and “WordPress for Business”

Blogger’s day will be dedicated to bloggers at the start of their activities in this field, while the business module will include discussions about WordPress themes and plugins, blog security and how can a blog be used as a PR element from companies’ and managers’ perspective.

To the 15 sessions scheduled during Wordcamp, among the participants are Andrei Rosca, Alexandru Negrea, Constantin Cocioabă (www.refresh.ro), Mircea Scarlatescu (www.scarlatescu.ro), Radu Georgescu – CEO Gecad Group, Bogdan Theodor Olteanu, Dan Lucian Stefancu (www.deceblog.net), Alex Mihaileanu (www.subiectiv.ro), Adriana Iordan and  Silviu Toma.