Romanian Biz magazine launched a campaign to support the print

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Romanian magazine Biz launched a national campaign to support print industru by promoting to public the idea of subscribing to their favourite publications.

The campaign will run multi-media, including on print, radio and online.

Ran under the slogan “Support the print! Subscribe to your favourite publication”, the campaign intends to put accent on the unique characteristics of print publications, to put a question mark on the wrong perceptions related to the relevance and longevity of the medium and to put an accent on the cultural role of magazines.

The campaign starts with a 10 points manifesto published on magazine’s website – – such as: unique photos, relaxation sensation while reading and eco-friendly aspect of subscription, that allows printing a set number of magazines and diminishing the returns.

This initiative targets the advertisers,the influencers and the readers and it isn’t an attempt of print to challenge online, but one to show the two mediums are completing each other and each enrich the informing experience of the readers

Biz is a business magazine that celebrates 10 years of existance this year.


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