F5 announced its rules to make performance marketing campaigns

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F5 announced, through F5 X-Media, the rules that will apply to execute the performance marketing campaigns, based on the rules initiated in April by the 10 biggest online companies in Romania. Starting June 3rd, the performance marketing campaigns that are running on the sites administrated by F5 X-Media will apply the set of rules:

  • CPC campaigns can run on the existent display spaces (728×90, 300×250, 160×600), but will be shown in groups of two messages on each space, with separate measuring;
  • Ads must include title, text, call-to-action and active link to the destination site. Optional, they can include also an image and presentation of the product in a single static frame. The title and text can be customized to match the website’s layout;
  • It is compulsory for the message to be call-to-action (e.g.: Click here! Subscribe now! Find out more details) so it makes the consumers access the link to receive more details about the promoted offer;
  • CPC campaigns will not include branding, except some particular situations;
  • Along with banners, F5 will continue running performance campaigns through contextual and text ads;
  • Space selling is made through run-of-network and/on run-of-category system with the ads being distributed inside the entire network, not only on a single site.

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