Harris Interactive Introduces Research Lifestreaming


Harris Interactive Introduces Research Lifestreaming(SM), merging attitudinal and behavioral research methods in a platform that offers new, “behind-the-scenes” approach to social media monitoring

Research Lifestreaming is a revolutionary new research platform that presents a 360-degree view of individuals by connecting information they post online, survey responses and behavioral data.

Harris’s clients are able to interact with Research Lifestreaming participants, observe their actions, ask them questions, and listen to their conversations, thereby developing a deeper understanding of why they do what they do.

Although the concept of lifestreaming is not new — people have always recorded happenings in their daily lives — the journals and diaries of yesteryear have been replaced by new instruments.

Research Lifestreaming connects all data to the same individual, so no assumptions have to be made, thereby giving a more holistic view of a person, compared to traditional surveys or social media monitoring.

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