Eliza Rogalski, Managing Partner of Rogalski Grigoriu PR, was appointed CEO of Tempo Creative Group

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The group includes the following companies: Tempo Advertising (ATL), Kinecto (digital communication), Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations and Orchestra BTL). The holding’s activities worth Euro 15M in 2008, ZF.ro writes.

Besides appointing Rogalski as CEO of Tempo Creative Group, the company announced the introduction of a new structure, a Managing Board, that has as members Dragos, Corina and Vlad Grigoriu, along with Florina Varzariu.

The management team appointed by the Board includes Eliza Rogalski, CEO Tempo Creative Group, Aura Toma, CEO Tempo Advertising, and Simona Dan, CEO Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations.

Eliza Rogalski is working in Tempo since 2004. She managed the PR department that, in 2008, became Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations.

Eliza Rogalski was the 1st Romanian PR professional that was member in a Cannes Lions jury – the PR Lions one. This year, Eliza Rogalski is head of the PR jury at Golden Drum.


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