GfK Survey: Romanians Trust The Army, Clergy and Advertising

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Romanians trust firefighters, the military, the clergy and advertising, while politicians, bankers and managers register the lowest level of popularity, according to a survey conducted by GfK Custom Research, Mediafax writes.

GfK Trust Index 2010 surveys the extent to which citizens in 19 European states trust various professional groups and organizations, GfK Romania said in a press release Thursday.

In Romania, firefighters enjoy the highest level of credibility (91%), while postal workers come in second place (89%), followed by the military (88%), teachers and the clergy (86%).

Romanians’ trust in politicians is scarce (11%), down 3% compared to two years ago. About 28% of Romanians trust bankers and 39% of them have faith in managers.

Compared to last year, lawyers have seen a revival in their reputation in Romania, while trust in the military increased to 88% from 82% last year, and advertising is up at 50% from 46% in 2009.

Compared to other European countries, the clergy, the military and advertising are most trusted by Romanians, while firefighters, doctors and police officers register a lower level of credibility.

Europeans have little faith in politicians, marketing, the clergy or in environmental protection non-governmental organizations.