A book about the 1st online experience, written on Twitter, launched by Microsoft Romania and McCann PR

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The book is part of the “Trip to the center of the Internet” campaign and continues a series of initiatives launched by Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft Romania and McCann PR launched “How I first accesed Internet. A book written on Twitter by 127 authors”. This is the 1st example of romanian twitterature and includes the stories created online by users, through their personal Twitter account.

Eight of the Romanian Twitter influencers helped starting this project and activelly involve in creating the stories: Arhi, Bobby Voicu, Florin Grozea, Manafu, Piticu, Pyuric, Victor Kapra, Vis Urat, along with the Twitter account of Microsoft Romania.

For two weeks, any Twitter user had the possibility to answer this initiative and to write, in 8 tweets, about his personal experience of 1st using the Internet. The project was coordinated by Iulian Comanescu that, along with McCann PR’s team, structured the stories and wrote the starting part of the book and a text about Internet Explorer’s history. Book’s illustrations were made by Matei Branea.

“How I first accesed Internet” is one of the succesfull Romanian projects on Twitter, as #tweetIE8 was for 3 times ranked 1st, according to www.agregator.ro.

Except the eight Romanian influencers on Twitter that started the campaign, in this campaign were involved alot of known names in online (journalists, VIPs, bloggers, media proffesionals, IT specialist and so on). In the end, there were over 1,100 tweets on this subject and 217 authors that wrote about their 1st online experience, from which 127 were included in the final version of the book

The team that worked on the project included Veronica Nicolae – Head of Tech Practice McCann PR and Managing Partner Snapshot, Interactive and Emerging Media Division, Delia Margarit – Account Manager McCann PR, Alexandra Armeanca – Account Executive McCann PR, Tudor Galos – Windows Business Group Lead Microsoft Romania and Bogdan Tataru – Central Marketing Group Manager Microsoft Romania.

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