Thinkdigital Romania launched the 1st channel of

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Thinkdigital Romania launched the Sports Vertical Channel, the 1st channel of According to a press release, Thinkdigital’s representatives believe advertisers need audiences, to talk to the right people at the right time and at the right place.

The Sports Channel launched by the company is a collection of well known Romanian sports websites, existing on the market for the past few years and with a good history. This way, Thinkdigital groups together the best performing websites, mass market or niche audiences in Romania.

This 1st channel in Thinkdigital’s network will be followed by other audience targeting Channels such as Women/Family, Tech/Gadgets, Business/Professionals, News/Media, Entertainment.

About launching this network, company’s representatives say that they are bringing on the market an innovative business model with a large number of benefits for advertisers, publishers and media agencies.

Effectiveness is one of the benefits for advertisers, along with precise targeting of the audience they are looking into, wide reach, CPC option for performance clients, efficiency, one contact to advertise on a number of publishers, real time optimization on a channel basis for increased results, competitive CPM Rates and unified reporting.

Using this new channel, publishers can maximize revenues, manage the unsold inventory / certain formats / placements, reduce costs, extend clients base (long tail) without increasing overhead, maintain the control over their inventory, avoid cannibalizing the premium formats / rates by introducing an alternative sales channel for your 2nd class inventory at a competitive effective CPM

The last but not the least, media agencies can benefit of a single point of contact, ease up media planning process, instant access to all websites, contextually targeting and flexible pricing