UPDATED: Coca-Cola pulled a Facebook promotion after offensive references

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(adds info about the aftermath of the campaign on Facebook)

According to international press, Coca-Cola and Lean Mean split after Facebook gaffe caused by the controversial campaign for Dr Pepper.

The official version is that the two parties “mutually agreed” to end their relationship after the campaign for Dr Pepper went wrong.

On July 19th, Coca-Cola was pulling a Facebook promotion for Dr Pepper, after posting “offensive” status updates, even including porn references, to user’s profiles.

According to Media Guardian, the company pulled an internet promotion campaign for Dr Pepper, after being accused of targeting children by using references to a notorious pornographic movie.

Part of the promotion were “embarrassing messages” to be posted under the user’s name and visible to their friends on their Facebook profiles.

The problems started when a parent saw on his daughter profile a reference to a hardcore pornographic film.

After the offensive line was denounced by the parent, Coca-Cola apologized and announced it will start an investigation related to the promotion’s procedures, saying also that the offensive line was approved without realizing the true meaning of that particular line.

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