The most important European publishers, together for an unified mobile premium ad marketplace in Europe


Amobee Media Systems, a mobile advertising solutions company, announced it has been appointed by Gruner + Jahr Electronic Media Sales (G+J EMS) to represent 75% of premium mobile content in Germany. Amobee will become the exclusive partner in mobile advertising, serving billions of ads impressions per month.

Germany is Europe’s largest and fastest growing mobile market and this consolidation of content makes it the largest single-country mobile ad marketplace on the Continent. The deal, which brings Gruner + Jahr together with other publishers puts the Amobee Platform at the nucleus of Europe’s largest mobile ad marketplace for ad placement on mobile sites and applications, servicing titles including Financial Times Deutschland, Spiegel, Stern, Gala, Brigitte, Vodafone, O2 Telefonica and many other popular titles.

“Mobile advertising gives operators and publishers the ability to distribute and make money from their content in new and powerful ways,” said G+J EMS Director Mobile Oliver von Wersch. “The growth of smartphones has given us exciting new channels to reach our target audiences and this consolidation with Amobee now transforms the mobile ad market from confusing and unproven into a major channel for G+J EMS.”

G+J EMS is the marketer of electronic media of Europe’s biggest publishing house Gruner + Jahr in Hamburg. Belonging to the cutting edge of German electronic media-marketers we offer our clients one of the best top-quality brand portfolios for internet and mobile advertising in Germany.

Amobee Media Systems is the most deployed telco-grade ad-serving solution. Amobee is dedicated to mobile operators, publishers and developers, allowing them to dynamically insert advertising impressions in all forms of mobile communication and content: WAP Browsing, Video & Music, SMS, MMS, applications and Games. Amobee’s complete ad serving solution is designed to facilitate advertising campaigns for brand building, direct response and lead generation helping mobile operators and their subscribers “get more for less”. Its mobile advertising marketplace brings together content owners, advertisers and ad networks into an integrated and simple to use platform for campaign implementation and content monetization.