eMarketer: Twitter users bring social activity to new heights

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According to eMarketer, there are 26 million monthly users of Twitter in 2010, 14.6% of the total internet users, but with a voice disproportionately loud compared to the others.

ExactTarget estimates that daily Twitter users are highly active across the social web. They are about three times as likely as internet users on average to upload photos, four times as likely to blog, three times as likely to post ratings and reviews, and nearly six times as likely to upload articles.

The US Twitter users create, share and comment on content at high rates, making them valuable to marketers for much more than their potential influence on Twitter alone.

Representatives of ExactTarget believe that consumers active on Twitter are most influential online, because “what happens on Twitter doesn’t stay on Twitter”

Among Twitter users’ motivations for following companies and brands are discounts and sales, but also finding out news and information about the company and its products.