comScore:Latin America leads global surge on Twitter

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According to a comScore study,’s growth worldwide is lead by Latin America. This way, in June, nearly 93 million internet users visited, an increase of 109 percent from the previous year. Indonesia reported the highest penetration, with 20.8% of its Internet users visiting, followed by Brazil and Venezuela. Venezuela’s growth was fueled in large part by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s decision to join Twitter in late April.

According to comScore’s officials, experienced an explosion in global traffic over the past year and become one of the most-visited social networking sites in the world. Same sources said that 75% of global Internet users access social networking sites monthly

According to comScore’s study, in June 2010, nearly 93 million unique global users age 15 and older visited from a home or work location, +109% compared to the previous year. The study didn’t take in consideration usage of Twitter-based applications such as TweetDeck.

The study revealed that Latin America experienced the strongest audience growth, +305%, to 15.4 million users, followed by Asia Pacific (+243%, to 25.1 million visitors), Middle-East Africa (+142%, 5 million visitors) and Europe (+106%, to 22.5 million). In North America, Twitter saw a growth of 22 percent, to nearly 25 million visitors.

The most internet users accesses Twitter from home in Indonesia (20.8%), followed by Brazil (20.5%), Venezuela (19%), Netherlands (17.7%) and Japan (16.8%).

Also, an analysis of Twitter usage via mobile for the six mobile markets (U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Spain and Italy) revealed that the microblogging platform is gaining adoption among smartphone users. In the U.S., 8.3% of smartphone users (4.2 million people) accessed in a month via their mobile devices, outpacing European markets. In Europe, 2.8 percent of smartphone users overall accessed (1.7 million users), with the U.K. ranking the 1st, followed by Germany and France