Issuu and Adform offer an end-to-end interactive publishing and advertising platform

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Issuu, a leading digital publishing company, and Adform, a leading ad-serving and tracking company, announced the launch of Issuu AdPages, according to a press release.

This new digital media format is integrated with the Adform end-to-end advertising platform to expand the way companies promote their products and services with their target audiences. Issuu AdPages easily repurposes new and/or existing traditional print marketing materials, such as magazines, advertisements, catalogues and brochures. The Adform end-to-end platform provides a powerful ad serving & optimization engine, combined with unique reporting and web analytics features to effectively execute, manage and measure creative advertising campaigns.

Focused on growing and sustaining business, organizations are tasked with the challenge of leveraging content in new formats to effectively reach broader audiences. Issuu AdPages offers a new interactive advertising experience that supports business development efforts from increasing traffic to driving lead generation efforts. Easy to use, this new rich media format provides both time and cost savings and delivers measurable results.

Issuu AdPages is integrated with the Adform centralized technology platform designed to target, distribute and analyze marketing and advertising efforts. Advanced reporting features provide users with real-time management, optimization and measurement tools. This hosted solution, accessible 24/7, is easy to use and requires no additional technical expertise or resources.

Issuu AdPages integrated with Adform is available through both Issuu at or Adform at Customized demos can be scheduled to explore the measurable impact of this unique interactive publishing and advertising platform.

Issuu is a leading digital publishing platform delivering exceptional reading experiences of magazines, books, catalogs, reports, advertisements and more.

Founded in 2007, Issuu has become a destination site with over 11 million visitors and a library of over 38 million pages published. Issuu is trusted by Penguin Group, Google, World Bank Publications, Random House, Siemens, Edelman, Guardian, The Telegraph, United Nations, and thousands of hip indie publishers and cool companies.

Adform is leading provider of digital advertising products and services. Founded in 2000, Adform offers a digital advertising platform encompassing campaign planning, ad serving and campaign optimization, search engine marketing, web site analytics and reporting.

Adform has leading clients in all major industries worldwide and delivered campaigns for over 3,400 clients across 11,831 global web publishers in more than 20 countries worldwide in 2009.


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