Romanian ABC launches the multimedia content measuring inside SATI

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Romanian Bureau for Audit of Circulation (BRAT) announced it is expanding, since October, the Internet Traffic Audience Study (SATI) by introducing the measuring for multimedia content (video and audio streaming) and offering info about the audience (listening / watching) the multimedia content by websites’ visitors. The info offered this way will allow a correct evaluation, superior from multimedia content’s technical and relevance point of view. Also, this new addition to SATI creates the premisis of increasing the investments in online.

According to BRAT, by introducing the new tool, SATI will allow the advertising market players, that now have access only to the number of visitors that entered the pages with multimedia content, to get specific and detailed info about the multimedia content, such as number of times the content was listened / watched, the duration spend on a stream etc.

The new type of measuring will allow advertising agencies and clients, but also to websites editors, to have a better knowledge of the way visitors are accesing multimedia.

BRAT launched in 2007 the Internet Traffic Audience Study and monitors, now, over 300 Romanian websites. BRAT has 237 members, online and print publishers, advertising agencies, advertising sales houses, advertising clients and press distribution networks.

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