An exhibition dedicated to Romanian post-communism advertising, at ICR Bucharest


“The ad in transition. From shy to provocative” is the title of an exhibition dedicated to the post-communism advertising in Romania that will start, on October 12th, at Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest.

The exhibition, that will be open until October 20th, shows the evolution of advertising in Romania in the first 10 years after the ousting communism from power. The curators of the exhibition are Ucu Bodiceanu and Ancuța Lăcrimioara Chiș, that continue, this way, the project initiated with the exhibition “From sublime to ridicule. 70 years of advertising in Romania”, that analyzed the Romanian advertising from the end of the  1st  World War until the fall of the communist regime.

The initiative is motivated by curators belief in the sociological relevance of the advertising peisage.

“The first decade after the communism fall, in which the agonizing communism and the incipient capitalism were living together can be the best illustrated by advertising. From an unique party to 62 partiesin 1990, from the miraculous hat that was keeping Romanians in peace and the aphrodisiac egg to the vacuum cleaner good in bed, other and other products and services redirected the people’s eyes towards consumerism. (…) The evolution of the advertising, from the playfull amateurism to the very convincing advertising, takes the most unexpected turns”, the curators say.

The exhibiton will have free access and will be opened daily, from 10 AM to 8 PM, at the headquarters of Institutul Cultural Român (Romanian Cultural Institute) from 38 Aleea Alexandru, Bucharest.