Branding agency Grapefruit, Romanian market leader by turnover

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Romanian branding agency Grapefruit is the largest agency in the country in terms of turnover, according to a press release published on company’s website.

Grapefruit managed to grow in 2009, in spite of the economical downturn, and became the leader of Romanian market in terms of turnover. In 2009, Grapefruit’s turnover grew by 19% in RON and by 4% in EUR. Compared to 2008, the agency has recorded a jump in profits of 29% in RON and 12% in EUR, reaching to a turnover of RON 2.91M (Eur 690.000) in 2009.

Customers have become more attentive to the ROI of their brand expenditures. That is why focusing on the client’s business goals (versus just nicely designing a website or a logo) helped Grapefruit grow last year

Stefan Liute

Strategy Director Grapefruit

Also, Grapefruit considers Romanian market value declined in 2009 compared to 2008 and appreciates that 2010 will continue to be a difficult year for the entire industry in a context where marketing budgets suffer further significant cuts.

In 2009, Grapefruit worked for brands such as Dacia, E.ON, Heidi, Labormed, NNDKP, OTP, and UPC. In the past five years, Grapefruit handled Dacia’s online branding duties.

Grapefruit is a Romanian branding agency with offices in Bucharest and Iași that specializes in strategy, identity, implementation and brand communication both in digital and traditional media.

In 11 years of activity, Grapefruit has worked with over 200 customers in over 500 projects on 4 continents. Grapefruit’s clients include Antibiotice, Banca Transilvania, Dacia, E.ON, Heidi, Labormed, NNDKP, OTP Bank, Pepsi Americas, Petrom, Renault, Ţuca Zbârcea și Asociații, UPC. Grapefruit is the most awarded Romanian branding agency, with nominations and awards won at Rebrand 100 (USA, 2007, 2009, 2010), Identity: Best of the Best (Russia, 2007), Pentawards (France, 2007, 2008, 2009) , Incheon (Korea, 2006), Web Marketing Association Web Award (2007), Texas Interactive Media Awards (2003).


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