Mediafax Monitorizare launches social media monitoring on Romanian market

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Mediafax Monitorizare launched a social media monitoring service, through which will give to its clients, in real time, complete reports with the blog articles and tweets relevant for them.

The new service allows companies and institutions to monitor the information related to them, their brands and their services on a significant number of sources: over 27,000 blogs and almost 12,000 Twitter accounts in Romanian.

Monitoring blogs and Twitter, a service with a starting price of Eur 100 per month, adds to the other 4 types of reports that Mediafax Monitorizare offers to its corporate and institutional clients: central print, radio TV, local press and online press. The new service represents an extension of the online monitoring service, that started with the news sites, in 2009, and reached to social media, in 2010.

According to Andra Voiculescu, monitoring blogs and Twitter accounts is mandatory for PR and marketing people that started to use efficiently social media.

Through the new service, Mediafax Monitorizare ( provides, based on key terms defined by the clients, reports on the references to their company, brands or products from 27,000 blogs and over 12,000 Twitter accounts in Romanian. Also, the clients have access to an archive with these references, presented as reports that include all blog articles and tweets from the searched period.

The launch of blogs and Twitter monitoring service comes in a time when online monitoring service is the one that generated, in the last year, the highest growth in terms of new clients for Mediafax Monitorizare.


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