Lufthansa’s Facebook profile milestone: 100,000 likes

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Lufthansa’s Facebook profile grew in popularity and just got to over 100,000 active fans, although Lufthansa’s social media platform was launched as soon as December 2009.

The user with the number 100,000 that pressed the “Like” button on Facebook activated “Lufthansa Slot Machine”, a prize tonomat available on company’s Facebook group.

Lufthansa’s Facebook page – administrated in house by the company – offers the specific opportunities of an online social platform: interaction, socializing and real-time exchange of information between the clients and the company, but also promotions and special offers, some of them exclusively constructed for this channel.

Besides Facebook, Lufthansa also has Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Also, this week, the online socializing service MySkyStatus from Lufthansa was designated the best marketing campaign in Social Media at the SimpliFlying-Airline Business conference. Thousands of fans voted online for the campaign, which got Lufthansa in the competition’s final stage. Over 400,000 visitors from 200 countries accesed MySkyStatus website since its launch, in September 2009.

Launched in 2009’s autumn, MySkyStus is a free online instrument for air passengers, no matter which what airline they travel. On this platform, they can interact with friends, family or college through a system that allows sending and automated status updating towards social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or via email, during the flight.

MySkyStatus was created, for Lufthansa, by Profero New York.

Since the launch, MySkyStatus sent over 150,000 status updates, had over 400,000 visitors and involved passengers from over 200 countries, generating over 81,000 results in Google search. The instrument is also available on mobile phones.