A few good men in the Romanian internet

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MediaIQ, a Romanian online monitoring service, realized, for the Romanian festival Internetics 10th edition, an analysis in which lists the main actors of the Romanian internet.

In realizing its list, MediaIQ took in consideration the number of mentions in its 780 monitored channels for the online specialists in the last 6 months.

The people that entered this list are either entrepreneurs, or people that put their signature and helped defining the industry, such as Radu Apostolescu (eMag) or Florin Talpeş (founder of BitDefender), Sergiu Biriş (Trilulilu) or Dragoş Stanca (F5X Media),but also online influencers such as the bloggers Bobby Voicu or Vali Petcu (zoso.ro).

The most present online people in the Romanian press in the last 6 months were Marius Ghenea, Dragos Stanca, Radu Apostolescu, Orlando Nicoara, Cristian Manafu, Ionut Oprea, Calin Fusu, Florin Talpes, Sergiu Biris and Alexandru Lapusanu.

The most mentioned Romanian online companies is lead by eMag, BitDefender and Trilulilu, followed by BestJobs, eJobs, Neogen, Softpedia, Evensys, Pcfun and Zitec.
When is about online agencies and online sales houses, the top ten has the following configuration: ARBOinteractive, InternetCorp, Webstyler, Standout, Netbridge, AdEvolution, SeedMoney, eRepublik, MediaPro Interactiv (nowadays Apropo Media), Active Soft and iMedia.

In Romanian press, the domains where are mentioned the most the names of the online specialists are Media and IT&C, followed by Finance and Economy.
There is a fight in breaking the news about online between blogs and online press, with the online press having a head start over blogs.

In what concerns the most  mentioned bloggers, MediaIQ made a top of the bloggers most mentioned in press. According to MediaIQ, the most mentioned bloggers are Bobby Voicu, Orlando Nicoara, Cristian Manafu, Vlad Petreanu, Cristian China Birta, Vali Petcu, Cristi Dorombach, Cristian Sutu, Cetin Ametcea and Sebastian Bargau.

Out of the agencies that won Internetics during the last years and have most mentions in press, Webstyler occupies the 1st place, followed by GreenPixel, and FourHooks.
In what concerns the members of this year’s Internetics jury, the most mentioned in press were Marius Ghenea, followed by Cristian Manafu, Ionuţ Oprea, Călin Fusu, Bogdana Butnar, Victor Kapra, Stefan Liute, Alin Zainescu, Eugen Erhan and Ileana Chermenschi

MediaIQ’s monitoring covers the period of time from April 17th to October 20th and included 780 media sources.