Tempo Creative Group and “Decat o Revista” launched an advertising project together

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“Decat o revista”, a Romanian magazine that promotes quality journalism, launched, together with Tempo Creative Group, an advertising project that will see all the advertising in a magazine edition being created by a mixed print and digital creatives team, on briefs coming from readers.

The creative teams from Kinecto and Tempo Advertising, together with the editorial team from “Decat o Revista”(word game, approximately equivalent to “only a magazine”) sign this first on the Romanian media market, the project “Only an Agency”. This way, all the ads included in the 4th number of the magazine are created by a single agency and are published in a one time only regime, as they will not appear in any other publication. The ads will be made on briefs coming from magazine’s readers two months ago, on Facebook, when they were asked what brands they would like to see in the magazine.

This project is a creative experiment and a challange launched towards advertising and media industries in Romania, mainly regarding where brand communication and media are heading. Started initially as an initiative to attract only Tempo Group’s clients in financially supporting the publishing of these press ads, the project extended and also gathered the support from other advertisers that appreciated the idea.

The brand that will appear with inedit ads in the 4th number of the magazine are BCR, Ikea, MemoPlus (Walmark), Agricola, Rivex, Magnelact (Terapia), Axe (Unilever) Colgate, Tuborg and Sonimpex.

“The creativity in advertising, same as in journalism, is in pain. The causes are multiple:it is economical crisis, the clients don’t want to risk, the industry is changing, the ideas have flaws. We wished from the start advertising in Decat o revista, but with the condition it will be honest, smart and – ideally- memorable. Journalistically, we want to publish articles you want to forward to your friends; why wouldn’t the same thing apply also to the ads? The project we made together with Tempo fulfills these criteria (…) We hope that the pages that appeared from this partnership to prove the fact that print advertising didn’t lose its charm or the power to generate reactions”, Cristian Lupsa, Decat o Revista’s editor, said.

Decat o Revista is a project that appeared from the desire of all people involved to make an independent magazine that will apply the highest editorial and visual standards, with no pressures appeared from commercial reasons.

Tempo Creative Group includes five specialized companies: Tempo Advertising (creation), Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations (PR), Kinecto (digital communication services), Orchestra (BTL) & print production.

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