TV host Andreea Esca and the violinist Alexandru Tomescu, invited to speak at Leadership Talks

Marketing, Media

AIESEC Bucharest organizes a new edition of Leadership Talks at the start of November, aligning as speakers a series of exceptional professionals from both business field, but also from industries such as media, entertainment, music, charity or fashion.

At the event, that targets the young people that want to become leaders in a certain industry, the speakers are:

  • Andreea Esca – Jurnalist
  • Alexandru Tomescu – Violinist
  • Rucsandra Hurezeanu – CEO Ivatherm
  • Dragos Bucurenci – eco-activist
  • Alexandru Arsinel – Actor
  • Stela Popescu – Actor
  • Dumitru Prunariu- astronaut
  • Razvan Crisan – Founder of ORICUM Association
  • Sandra Pralong – Founder of Synergy Communication and Synergetica Foundation
  • Calin Fusu – CEO Neogen
  • Ion Caramitru – Actor
  • Raluca – Ioana and Jacobus van Staden – scientists
  • Houston Spencer – Marketing Vicepresident Alcatel-Lucent
  • Irina Schrotter – Fashion designer
  • Leslie Hawke- Ovidiu Rom Association president

The event, taking place from November 1st to November 4th, will start with a description of the partners showing what leadership in a company means, how much matters to have a well thought strategy and how to maintain in top.

The three days will be completed by the life stories shared by the leaders invited to the AISEC conference. The last day of conferences will consist of a series of trainings both on soft and hard skills at which, depending on their involvement in the discussions, the participants will have the chance to be among the 50 people that will benefit of those workshops.

AISEC is the most important youth organization at international level, being present in more than 107 countries and territories and with history in 62 years in personal and professional developement of young people.

The organization offers to young people an inedite development experience, based on 7,700 opportunities of leadership, 5,500 exchange possibilities, 470 annual conferences, virtual platforms and learning activities in an international medium.