Sexy ads don’t go well with Americans – study


Although sex sells and advertising industry probed that more than once, a recent study made by AdWeek and Harris poll showed that more than half of Americans (56%) say they are bothered by sexual imagery in ads they are exposed to, a quarter are very bothered and the rest are somewhat bothered.

Of course, depends who do you ask about how bothersome are the sexual ads. This way, 73% of women say they are bothered and 34% very bothered about the amount of sexual images in ads, while over half of men (53%) aren’t bothered at all by this.

Also, the sexual images are so much of a sin for young people, but become a problem for the people over 35 years old.

The AdweekMedia/Harris Poll was conducted online within the United States between October 5 and 7, 2010 among 2,098 adults (aged 18 and over).