UPDATED: Different nationalities together in a supermarket, on Human Rights Day

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(Adds info regarding the result of the campaign)

On Human Rights Day, over 20 persons of different nationalities were integrated in the real, – Vitan store staff, to transmit anti-discrimination messages and to encourage the cultural diversity.

The campaign took place in real, – Vitan store in Bucharest and was made together by Romanian agency GMP PR and United Nations

The volunteers part in this campaign Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa, Congo, Tunis, Senegal, Niger, Kenya, China, Japon, Iran, Belgium, Italy and Greece.

Campaign’s anti-discrimination message was supported by Zoli Toth (Sistem) and Kamara, that spoke about their experiences of living in Romanian society as national minorities.

Over 4,000 people in Bucharest were exposed to the experiment, their reactions, gestures and attitudes being analyzed by Romanian sociologists.

Among the attitudes, there were open and friendly dialogues, but there were also peope that reacted hostile and with suspicion when in contact with the volunteers, refusing to interact.

While young kids and old people were the most eager to interact, young people (20 – 25 y.o) and adults (25 – 45 y.o.) were the most indifferent.