EIAA: More than half of Europeans are spending over 12 hrs online

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More than half of Europeans (54% or 279m) spend normaly around 12.1 hours a day on the internet. While online, Europeans send e-mails (76%), use social networks (45%), instant messager services (40%), watching film, TV & videos (32%) and are involved in ratings and reviews (27%).

In what concerns the usage, most of the 16-24 y.o. use the internet more frequently while watching TV (79%). Normally, people have internet access over broadband (83%) and broadband wireless (52%).

People are praising the internet for staying in touch with friends and relatives (71%), for helping them choosing better products and services (50%) and for helping them manage their finances online (47%).

Also, the online influences the buying decision of the Europeans, over half of them (55%) saying they change their mind in terms of brands to buy after searching the internet.

EIAA’s Mediascope studied 521m people over 16+ living in 15 European countries. According to the study, 76% (396m) of the people surveyed use simultaneously different media while almost a third (30%) access the internet while watching TV.

Also, according to their own statements, a third of Europeans (33%) cannot live without internet, an equal amount of people declaring the same about TV.

In terms of media consumption, 9 in 10 people surveyed watch TV in a typical week, 64% listen to the radio, 65% read newspapers, 57% read magazines and more than half (53%) use the internet either via their PC/laptop or mobile phone. The number of those watching or downloading video content via the internet has reached 120m (43%) at European, with almost a third of European internet (32%) watching clips, 24% downloading clips and 11% using on demand TV.

Internet penetration is at its highest in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands with over 8 in 10 people using the internet each week. Growth figures show that there is still room for increases across the more mature markets and other such as Spain and Italy as well. Italy shows the highest growth from 2008, up +15% closely followed by UK (+14%), Spain (+10%) and Norway (+10%).

Germany and Russia are strong market in terms of number of users with 44 million and 42 million logging on each week respectively.

EIAA European Media Landscape Report is a study realized by European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA)

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