Hungary and Romania to launch an online regional news agency


Starting December 2010, Diaspsora Foundation from Timisoara and MORANET Morahalom Hungary are working together to launch an online common news agency, in order to consolidate the trans-border news programs.

In the past, the active relation between Csongrd and Timis counties worked in developing common developing strategies, organizing common meetings and cultural programs.

Both regions consider beneficial to launch a TV and a radio station to create, through them, a common public opinion.

Also, the two partners will develop an online trans-border news agency, with regional character and accent on local and regional news.

The news agency will function in both languages spoke in the region, while the TV and radio station will broadcast programs also in the neighboring country’s language. The programs will have subtitles.

The project is financed by European Union, through the trans-border cooperation program Romania-Hungary 2007 – 2013.

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