Outdoor advertising in Romania, to be fobidden in parks, on public buildings and trees

Creativity, OOH / DOOH

Placing outdoor advertising supports in parks and natural reservations, on public buildings or on trees and close to the roads will be forbidden. Also, local authorities can forbid the placement of outdoor advertising also in other places, via decisions taken accordingly to their own regulations.

Those restrictions in OOH advertising were adopted in a draft law approved, on Thursday, by Romanian government.

According to the draft, outdoor advertising is forbidden on natural monuments, parks and natural reservations, on buildings that are headquarters for public local or central authorities and also on buildings belonging to public institutions.

Placing outdoor banners and mesh-ups will be forbidden on seriously damaged buildings only when they affect the resistance structure and the stability and integrity of the construction.

In what concerns local authorities, the draft includes some obligations for them also: to come up with regulations to establish in which areas of the city there can be set up outdoor panels and what rules should be obeyed by panels owners and to install special panels for ads ans classified – to be cleaned weekly by local authorities’ employees.

The draft also stipulates the rules to be considered when setting up outdoor installations –  the banners tied on pols cannot be placed anymore over crossroads or areas where they damage the view over historical or natural monument or in areas where there are already placed outdoor panels – and also forbids installing pols that have as an exclusive purpose to support banners on public domain.

Mesh ups can be placed in areas stipulated by local authorities, including on constructions or historical monument being repaired or consolidated, but no longer than one year. When it comes about outdoor advertising car fleets, they are allowed only on a set itinerary.

In terms of sanction, not obeying the legislation can attract fine of RON 500 to RON 50,000 for the owners of outdoor installations and of RON 10,000 to RON 15,000 for local authorities that do not abide the legislation.


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