3 out of 4 adults living in Romanian cities are reading newspapers / magazines

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Over 75% of Romanian adults under 64 years old living in cities with over 50,000 inhabitants, meaning 4.8M people, are reading weekly at least one newspaper or a magazine.

If the online editions are taken in consideration, their number is growing, reaching to over 80% , according to the most recent data from SNA FOCUS.

The research was realized by Romanian Circulation Audit Bureau (BRAT) from October 2009 until October 2010, measuring the audience of printed press, the media consumption and other consumption patterns of the Romanian population aged 14-64 living in urban areas.

According to BRAT data, newspapers and magazines continue to attract the consumers with buying power. This way, 82% of adult population with income of over Euro 1,000 reads weekly at least a magazine or a newspaper, in print or online.

When it comes of women that hold managerial positions, the percentage reaches to 90%, 84% of them reading the printed version of the publications. On the other hand, 89% of the people with high education reads monthly newspapers and magazines.

Categories of people that read magazines / newspapers:

  • over 90% of women that shopped in the last month in supermarkets or commercial centers
  • 89% of adults that brought reknown jewels or cloths brands in the last years
  • 85% of the people that had a holiday during last year
  • 82% of the people that intend to buy a house and 86% of the ones that want to buy a car in 2011
  • 86% of the people that will close a life, health or products / house insurance in 2011.

BRAT is providing data regarding the circulation of the Romanian print press. SNA Focus is measuring the habits of the media consumers, their lifestyle and socio-demographic characteristics.