Electronics and media gadgets, in all Romanian internet users’ houses

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Electronics and media gadgets are omni present in Romanian internet users houses, among the objects that are always present being: laptop /desktop (94.93%), mobile phone (93.98%), TV set (89.01%) and the fridge (88.94%).

Romanians also have in their homes automated washing machines (82.70%), electric kitchen mixers (66.69%), digital photo cams (63.22%), microwaves (61.54%), fixed phones (61.13%), toasters (55.25%) but also DVD players (53.57%) or coffee filters (51.99%). Also, in many residences there can also be found cassette and CD players (46.82%), fruit mixers (44.37%), heating centralized systems  (38.84%), MP3 players (37.13%), bikes (36.95%) and video cams (32.18%).

When it comes about general product consumption, Romanians are into grinded coffee (45.88%), milk (44.06%) and chocolate (40.79%). Also, they are equally drinking wine  (41.03%) and beer (41.01%) and are using banking cards (71.75%) and Internet banking (23.26%). Also, Romanian prefer to eat yogurts (39.78%), salami (36.98%), milky products  (32.77%) and drinks (carbonated or non-carbonated).

Driven in their lives by money, Romanians are preoccupied by their own financial situation, using debt or credit cards (71.75%), Internet Banking (23.26%) or credits (20.77%). They are also using house insurance policies (18.10%), money exchange (17.13%), car insurances (16.98%) and life insuraces (14.77%).

When they are spending money to buy general products, half of Romanian internet users say they take decisions on their own. The situation changes when they are deciding to buy electronics or home appliances, situation in which 57.57% are taking a decision together with someone else.

When they go shopping, Romanians prefer the sales period and gather information previous deciding what to buy.

In what concerns the last years’ holidays, a third of Romanians didn’t had any holidays, while 40% of the ones that had spend it in Romania. Also, holidays destinations were also Italy (8.97%), Bulgaria (6.04%),  Greece (5.69%), Spain (5.40%), Austria (5.62%), Germany (4.94%), France (4.6%) and Turkey (3.56%).

The most Romanians internet users do not have an income (19.10%) and only 3.5% have income that surpasses RON 7,000.

Women continue to be dominant on Romanian internet (53,35%), while men aren’t as active online (46,65%). Most of the people that are browsing the internet are married or live with their parter (51%), while almost as many (41,16%) are divorced or widowed.

According to the Study, most of the Romanian internet users are either  40-49 y.o. (17.14%) or 20-24 y.o. (16.83%), the following categories being  30-34 y.o. (14.54%),  25-29 y.o. (12.72%), 50-59 y.o. (10.3%) and 34-39 y.o. (10%). Less present online are 18-19 y.o. category (6.1%), 14-17 y.o. (4.75%), under 14 y.o. (4.07%) and over 60 y.o. (3.56%).

When it comes about education, Romanian internet users graduated university (33.78%), high school (27.22%) or post-universitary studies  (15.27%). The rest of them attended high school, professional schooling, gymnasium or others.

The Demographic Study realized by trafic.ro collected data between Novermebr 15th and December 15th 2010, the study’s questions being answered by a total of  26,621 Romanian internet users.

trafic.ro is the 1st online monitoring service launched 10 years ago on the Romanian market and is specialized in real time monitoring of websites. trafic.ro monitors around 40,000 Romanian websites.