Rich or poor, Romanians are accessing internet on daily basis

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No matter if they are rich or poor, almost all Romanian internet users (90%) are entering online on daily basis, most of them accessing world wide web from desktops, from home or from work, according to the winter edition of the Demographic Study from, realized between 15 November to 15 December, on over 26,000 Romanian internet users.

Two thirds from Romanian internet users  (68.66%) are using desktop computers to enter internet, while 48.21% are entering online from laptops, mobile phones (12.68%) or PDAs  (4.07%).  Also, to surf online, most of them are using one computer exclusively  (39.63%) or they share a computer with another person (36.76%) or more persons  (23% share it with other two people).

Most of Romanian users  (57%) do not use log in to enter their computers, while 43% do have an user and a password to enter their computer.

According to the research, the internet is part of Romanian internet users life, being used frequently by 87.11% of them.

Romanian internet users are accessing internet mainly from their own home (90.72%) or from their job (30.28%), in move (8,18%), from school or university (6.45%) or some other places.

When they are navigating online, almost half of the Romanian internet users  (44.25%) only use one browser to access web, while the rest are using more than two to do the same thing.

Online, Romanians are looking for information, to socialize or to find new content fit to their interests.

According to the study, Romanians accessed internet for information (89.72%), communicate /socialize  (58.27%) or download / upload files  (39.29%). Also, when they browse the internet, they read blogs or forums  (36.15%), watch online clips or movies (35.35%) or play online games (25.18%). They are also looking for fiancial or business information  (22.32%), are watching online TV programs (16.19%) or do another activities (2.59%).

Consequently, the most visited sites are the ones belonging to online versions of magazines and newspapers (63.93%), online communities such as Hi5, LinkedIn or  Facebook – 49.92% and the job sites – 36.53%. Next in Romanian internet users’ preferences are auto sites (23.80%), Internet banking ones  (23.63%),  e-commerce (25.41%), tourism  (19.76%), real estate ones  (11.93%) and the adult sites  (11.69%).

When it comes of online information, Romanians are looking mainly for info regarding medicine, health and nutrition (50.12%), events / news about Romania  (43.77%), computers, software, IT & Internet (40.31%), but also family and couple life (39.41%), science and technique  (35.39%), tourism, holidays and vacations  (34.92%), kids and their education (32.80%) or data regarding the kitchen or culinary recipes (32.22%).

Also online, Romanian internet users are getting informed about: cultural events, music, theater or cinema; tests, games, crosswords; fashion, cosmetics, beauty; social problems; economics, finance, banks, exchange rate or stock exchange; nature and environment; psychology, paranormal, astrology and religion; auto moto; lifestyle; TV programs and recommendations; contests; Sports events; advices and ideas for home and garden; classified; politics; commercials.

When they are in their spare time, Romanians are navigating over internet  (68.68%), watching TV (65.01%) or spend their time together with the family (64.85%). They are also going out with friends (43.92%), reading books  (38.49%), listen to music (35.93%), play computer games  (31.93%) or go out shopping (31.14%).

Less popular are activities such as going to cinema, theater or concerts  (17.79%), reading newspapers and magazines (17.71%), sports (15.61%), going out in clubs, bars or discos  (13.22%), listening to the radio (9.63%) or others  (3.12%).

When it comes about TV consumption, the favorites are the news (72.54%), movies (71.14%), entertainment shows (48.20), talk shows ( 37.02), cultural and educative programs  (31.82%), matches and sports programs (29.10) and other programs.

The Demographic Study realized by collected data between Novermebr 15th and December 15th 2010, the study’s questions being answered by a total of  26,621 Romanian internet users. is the 1st online monitoring service launched 10 years ago on the Romanian market and is specialized in real time monitoring of websites. monitors around 40,000 Romanian websites.