Twitter evolution in Romania, in 2010

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After years in which Twitter registered record new accounts numbers increases, 2010 came along with a decrease of 30% compared to the year before: the total number of Twitter accounts opened in 2010 was of 16,389, a third less than in 2009.

According to ZeList data, half of the 16,389 created accounts were opened in the 1st four months of 2010, the numbers decreasing constantly until the end of the year. January and April were the best months of last year’s in what concerns the spawn of new accounts.

Bucharest people are the most numerous on Twitter (49%), followed by Transylvania ones (28%), Moldavians (12%), people from Muntenia (8%) and Dobrogea (3%).

The most active accounts are from Bucharest, Cluj (8%), Timis (7%), Iassy (6%),  Brasov (4%), Constanta (3%),  Prahova (2%),  Sibiu (2%), Bihor (2%) and Dolj (2%).

This statistic was made with data from ZeList, a monitoring tool developed by TreeWorks that follows over 58,000 blogs, over 35,000 Twitter accounts and 40 online news sources.