Grapefruit created MyWay brand for Maguay

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Grapefruit created MyWay brand for its client, Maguay, a Romanian provider of complex IT solutions. The new brand is for a portable PC.

With a friendlier and more expressive identity, MyWay replaces the former portable brand eXpertBook. Targeting professional and home users, MyWay is focusing on configurability, cutting-edge technology and the best and fastest service for portables in Romania

To emphasize its main competitive advantage – configurability – as an aesthetic feature, not only a technical one, MyWay also launched a limited edition for its netbooks in partnership with the Romanian Peasant Museum featuring two wonderful samples of Romanian traditional craftsmanship.

According to Grapefruit’s Facebook page, this is a unique initiative in Romania’s IT and cultural landscapes, proving that Romanian products can both have good quality and good-looks.